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The GNALink Partner Program

What Is GNALink?

GNALink is our sales commission sharing program, allowing you to earn money simply by linking to The Graphic Novel Archive.

How It Works

Here at GraphicNovelArchive.com, we don't actual sell graphic novels - we just link to the guys and gals that do. And in return, those same guys and gals usually pay us a little something-something (a sales commission) in return for sending them some business.

We only earn a sales commission if someone clicks one of our "Buy Now" or "Pre-Order" links and then buys something from the retailer.

This is how we try and support our site's development, pay for hosting costs, put food on the table, etc.

With our GNALink Partner program, we share some of these sales commissions with you.

The Flip Of A Coin

Let's say you've linked to The Graphic Novel Archive from your web site, your blog, your favorite discussion forum, etc.

If you're a GNALink partner, we flip a cyber-coin when someone clicks your link.

Heads, you earn a sales commission if the visitor buys something from a supported affiliate program. Tails, we earn the commission.

That's a 50% chance of putting money in your pocket. And you do nothing but link to our site.

Improve The Odds

We think fifty percent is a good, fair sharing of commissions. You provide a link, we do the work - everyone wins.

But sometimes we're generous to a fault.

Every so often, The Graphic Novel Archive will improve your odds. Maybe we'll offer a 75% chance on all Marvel Masterworks books for a month, or a 95% chance on all Iron Man related graphic novels for a week - that kind of thing. Be sure to watch for "Odds In Your Favor" announcements on the The Graphic Novel Archive blog, your MyCAT sidebar, and in our e-mail newsletter.

Questions and Answers

How do I sign up as a GNALink partner?
First, you'll want to ensure you've registered for a free The Graphic Novel Archive account. Once this is out of the way, simply contact us with your registered username and up to three web site addresses you'll be GNALinking from. We'll review your request and contact you shortly!

Why do I have to provide up to three web sites?
In order to maintain the integrity of the GNALink Partner program, GNALinks will only operate when a link is received from any of three web sites you provide. We need to know these web sites in order to ensure your GNALinks will work properly, allowing you to earn your sales commissions.

Do I need to own the web sites I GNALink from?
No, this isn't necessary. So if you have a favorite discussion forum and would like to GNALink from your forum signature, simply provide the discussion forum web site as one of your three GNALink web sites. However, you are responsible for abidding by the linking policy of whatever web sites you submit. Also, some affiliate programs will require you have your own, operational web site in order to qualify for their program. (You cannot claim GraphicNovelArchive.com as your own site.)

Can I provide more than three web sites?
Currently, no - only a maximum of three web sites are allowed.

How do I link to The Graphic Novel Archive via GNALink?
We'll provide complete instructions as soon as we've approved your GNALink partner request. Rest assured, linking via GNALink is just as easy as linking to any other web site.

Can I mention my GNALinks in e-mails, etc?
GNALinking directly to our site from an e-mail will not work - the link must come from one of your supplied web sites. Whether you can distribute e-mails promoting the web sites containing your GNALinks depends on whether you own the web site in question, whether the site allows such promotion, etc. Please note: The Graphic Novel Archive will take any and all reports of unsoliciated e-mail (spam) very seriously, and distribution of spam will result in the immediate cancellation of your GNALink partnership.

What affiliate programs are supported by GNALink?
Currently, the Amazon Associate Program and ShareASale are supported. More programs will be integrated in the future - stay tuned!

What affiliate programs are associated with what vendors listed by The Graphic Novel Archive?
The Amazon Associate Program is responsible for providing sales commissions for items sold from Amazon and Amazon Marketplace (third party sellers). ShareASale provides sales commissions for items sold from Things From Another World.

Will I automatically be signed up for these supported affiliate programs if I sign up as a GNALink partner?
No, you will need to sign up for these affiliate programs separately, and will be obligated to follow their individual agreements, terms and conditions, etc.

Do I have to sign up for all of the supported affiliate programs?
No, only those you wish to participate in.

To learn more about GNALink's supported affiliate programs, we've provided some links below.

Amazon Associates

How Do I Sign Up As A GNALink Partner?

Ready to get started? Please review our GNALink Agreement and then drop us a line. Or if you have any questions about our GNALink partnership program, you can contact us and we'll be in touch!

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